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Benefits Associated With Custom Challenge Coins

When you research more about custom challenge coins you will find that they have a history in the military tradition. It is also true that recently custom challenge coins have become so popular due to so many reasons. We have so many people that are using custom challenge coins for different reasons. We have someContinue reading “Benefits Associated With Custom Challenge Coins”


Learn More about Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Over the years, exclusive groups have had ways of honoring their members, as well as proving their membership and allegiance. Some of the ways groups have proved their allegiance, membership, and honoring each other is through songs and tattoos among others. Another way how groups celebrate their bond and membership is through challenge coins. ManyContinue reading “Learn More about Marine Corps Challenge Coins”

How to Choose the Best Custom Challenge Coin

The main aim of challenge coins especially in the military is to help in identification. For durability purposes, it is relevant for an individual to be keen when purchasing a custom challenge coin. Getting the best challenge coin can be a hectic task given that there are many companies that are making it. This henceContinue reading “How to Choose the Best Custom Challenge Coin”